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Request for Proposals for


The City of Palouse, Washington (City) prepared a Wastewater Facilities Engineering Report (WWFP) that was approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) in 2020. The resulting project costs are high and the City seeks a CONSULTANT to provide a Value Planning Analysis (VPA) of the City’s proposed wastewater management plan.

1. Project Background:

• &tempmargin;The City was given a compliance schedule in their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit (WA0044806) to meet discharge requirements for temperature based on the July 2013 Palouse River Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Water Quality Improvement Report and Implementation Plan (Ecology Publication No. 13-10-020). A separate TMDL for dissolved oxygen and pH was published in October 2015 (Ecology Publication No. 15-10-029) which assigned wasteload allocations for dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

• &tempmargin;A comprehensive evaluation of alternatives was completed and included in the “City of Palouse, Wastewater Facility Plan”, Varela & Associates, October 2020. The Engineering Report was approved by Ecology in November 2020.

• &tempmargin;A funding application for design of the proposed wastewater treatment plant improvements was submitted to Ecology in October 2020. Due to the high cost of the proposed design, Ecology offered the City of Palouse funding to conduct a value planning analysis to ensure that the City has selected the most cost-effective alternative, prior to proceeding with design and implementation.

• &tempmargin;Ecology has provided a $100k forgivable principal loan to the City to conduct the VPA.

2. The scope of the VPA includes:

• &tempmargin;Selected CONSULTANT will examine the permit and TMDL requirements, potential solutions and impacts to the community and environment.

• &tempmargin;A report will be prepared that fully evaluates the alternatives for wastewater treatment and disposal. The report will identify capital as well as annual operation and maintenance costs, benefits, and risks associated with each alternative. The CONSULTANT will submit the VPA report to the City and Ecology for review and comment.

• &tempmargin;The VPA will provide an in-depth review of the existing approved WWFP and evaluate and identify possible cost reduction measures for the current selected alternative.

• &tempmargin;The VPA may propose other wastewater management alternatives to comply with discharge requirements.

• &tempmargin;The selected CONSULTANT will provide at least one or more collaborative meetings in Palouse or Spokane with identified stakeholders.

3. Schedule - The following schedule is proposed:

Project Task Target Date

1. Initiate RFP advertisement September 9, 2021

2. Proposals due to City October 7, 2021

3. Selection of VPA consultant October 28, 2021

4. Execute VPA contract By November 11, 2021

5. Contractor start/schedule work By November 22, 2021

6. Submit final report to City By May 20, 2022

4. Proposal Requirements -

The Proposal shall include the following:

• &tempmargin;Qualifications of key personnel of the CONSULTANT.

• &tempmargin;Previous VPA experience and other pertinent experience.

• &tempmargin;Narrative describing project approach, and

• &tempmargin;Availability and proposed schedule of the CONSULTANT.

Proposal length should not exceed 10 pages using Calibri 11 point font. Resumes may be included as attachments.

5. Selection criteria - Selection committee will include representatives of the City of Palouse, Ecology, and others as selected by the City. The successful CONSULTANT will:

• &tempmargin;Show recent demonstrated experience with value engineering/value analysis planning for wastewater treatment projects

• &tempmargin;Include team members experienced working with NPDES permitted municipal wastewater facilities.

• &tempmargin;Demonstrate experience with construction methods, staging of upgrades, and maintenance of ongoing operations at domestic wastewater treatment facilities.

• &tempmargin;Increase confidence that the wastewater treatment alternative ultimately selected for implementation is reasonable, implementable, and cost effective.

This project is funded through the Washington State Department of Ecology. As a result, a number of state requirements will apply to the selection process and conduct of the project.

The City of Palouse is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Minority and women-owned firms are encouraged to submit proposals.

Consultants desiring consideration should submit proposals to:

Brad Coughenour, City Administrator

City of Palouse

PO Box 248

Palouse, WA 99161


Phone: (509) 878-1811

Proposals for consideration must be received no later than October 7, 2021.